Blue water leftYou are tired of pushing yourself, feeling burnt out, chasing a dream that isn’t yours. You feel helpless, completely alone and unappreciated. You go to bed feeling empty and your stomach in knots, wishing if only the universe can just give you a break.


You wish you can start over.  You want to silence that voice that keeps you stuck and unsure. That voice that keeps you from reaching your dreams.


You want to feel inspired and excited again about your work.  You wish you know your higher purpose and highest potential.  You know you want success but you’re not sure how to get there.


You’ve been dreaming about having a business that is an expression of your passion and higher purpose.  What’s holding you back from your best life?


You know you don’t fit in and don’t think like everyone else.  So stop trying to be.  You are a unique soul with your own unique purpose, gifts and potential.


The question is, how do you really want to feel?


If you are ready to feel strong, happy, inspired, empowered, excited, fulfilled, relieved, then get ready to do your Soul’s work !!


 I AM ….

Canadian-Reiki-AssociationWelcome! I’m Alice Woo, Intuitive Business Coach.


I integrate intuitive wisdom with strategic business coaching, to help corporate clients and entrepreneurs discover their passion, higher purpose and highest potential; to unlock the story that holds them back; and empower them to create radical success in what they love.


I’ve been working with start-ups and entrepreneurs, to launch and transform their businesses for over 20+ years as a certified professional.  I’m also an intuitive, spiritual mentor, Akashic Records practitioner, mindset maven, meditation coach and Reiki master teacher.


Let’s begin with I WISH …. and transform it to I AM 😀



My Story

Trying to prove myself

For years, I lived the corporate dream, busting my ass working crazy hours trying to fit in, on top of the crazy hours to earn my professional designation.  I thought someday I will stop being miserable when I reach my career goals.
Like many other corporate dream chasers, I had no idea that happiness is not part of the deal.  I over-compensate and worked harder than anyone else to prove myself worthy.  To that end, I lost time, important relationships and happiness.  I lost what was truly important.  I lost ME!
So I left my corporate dream behind to pursue my own dreams!

In search of my truth

I spent the next 15 years pursuing wisdom from world class leaders, visionaries, spiritual masters and healers.  Deep down, I was pushing on to find my own truth, to help me unwind my past for deep healing.  The universe is truly supporting me 100% with my expansion, healing and soul purpose.  True healing is possible only when you allow love, forgiveness and acceptance within you.  Everything starts from within.

The best version of you IS you.  You can.  You should.  You will.  You ARE.

It’s your time now.  Contact me.