Akashic Records Reading

My session with Alice was really surprising.  I had not expected her to know so much about me, without ever met me before.  I was amazed she was able to connect me to my core in one session.  Alice has a really powerful and progressive way of relaying messages from our guides.  She is really authentic and relatable, and makes receiving the divine guidance I so deeply needed feel very comfortable and safe.  Just one session gave me so much clarity to move forward in a really strong, excited and empowered way.  Thank you, Alice!  That was some powerful stuff! ~  Bridget Levens, Intuitive wellness coach

It was, WOW!  I highly recommend it if you haven’t had one!  It helped clear up so many things for me.  I’m very intuitive – but because of my analyzing and problem solving mind – that can sometimes get blocked.  The reading helped me get clear on my next steps  in my business and identified what’s been holding me back.  Thanks Alice!! You clearly have a gift!  ~ Lauren Diana Scalf, Web developer & digital strategist

My reading with Alice was wonderful!  She made me feel at ease as well as excited that I have control over changing my life.  Alice gave me practical actions that I can implement right away.  I feel confident and empowered at the end of the session.  Thank you for all your advice, Alice!  It feels great!  ~ Pam Lostracco, owner of Lostracco Design

Alice Woo has a special gift.  Her readings go straight to the heart of the matter.  She tapped into the guidance that I already know to be true but wouldn’t accept.  Her reading resonated deeply for me.  Alice has helped me tremendously to move me forward in my life.  I have recommended Alice to my friends and family.  I will definitely continue to go to Alice when I feel stuck again or need to revisit that place of ‘deep knowing’.  I highly recommend Alice’s work – she has a real gift.  ~ Angela Allen, RN

I had never had an Akashic reading before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Alice soon put me at ease with her incredibly down to earth nature.  I immediately knew that she is someone I could trust.  She was able to easily tap into what was blocking me and gave me practical actionable advice.  Our session flew by, and at the end, I felt I had just received an incredible gift.  I’d highly recommend working with Alice!  ~ Dana Phillips, owner Tulaa Jewelry

I’d like to thank Alice on the amazing reading she did with me.  Alice was incredibly accurate and helped me heal in so many ways.  Thank you Alice, your gift is truly amazing!  Feeling blessed.  ~ Angela Sheppard




Learn Energy Healing

I have been an intuitive energy healer for years but never learned any form of energy healing “formally”. When Alice offered me the chance to improve my skills, I jumped on it! I also really wanted an attunement knowing that it would put me more in touch with the energy flow. I remember feeling the energy move through me. The energy moved super fast for the first week after the attunement and it has now been 3 months. I still feel effects of the attunement taking place including huge mental shifts and greater ease in accessing the energy whenever I want.

Alice did a great job in the Reiki technical training and I continue to master them as I practise. The biggest benefits were Alice honouring my level of energy healing experience and no dragging on the training in areas where I was already strong. I really appreciated this and felt respected. Another benefit was the attunement. The attunement has allowed me to really access the energy in greater levels than I ever had before. Finally, I learned some new practical techniques that have really changed the way I conduct healings on myself and others. ~Laura Licata

I was interested in learning Reiki for the spiritual connection and the experience of channeling energy. The attunement process was very calming and peaceful. The technical training was extremely helpful and I felt a good grasp of the techniques by the end of the training. I definitely recommend Reiki training from Alice, to experience the spiritual connection, energy channeling and that calm peaceful state. Thank you Alice for a wonderfully spiritual session! ~ Hoann Ignacio